Stiebel Eltron Water Filter/Water Purifier Fountain 7S


  • 7 stages in 1 cartridge for easier filter replacement
  • Certified drinking water safety to NSF Standard 42 & 53
  • No electricity needed for operation
  • 360° flexible dispenser pipe for use over a wider area
  • One-way dispenser nozzle to prevent contamination from outside
  • Durable ceramic ON/OFF-valve at the front for more convenient operation
  • Indicator for filter lifetime (4320 litres or 12 months, whichever comes first)
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Application• The Fountain 7S comes with 7 stages of carefully selected filter media for the production of fresh and safe drinking water from the municipal water supply.

Convenience features • 7 stages of filter media are combined in one single filter cartridge. This ensures exceptionally clean and safe filtration performance. • An ultrafiltration hollow fibre membrane with a pore size down to 0.01 microns provides bacteria-free drinking water instantly, with no electricity required.• Silverlite stone increases the safety of the whole filter system. It contains silver ions and several minerals to prevent the growth of bacteria inside the filter system and contamination from outside the filter. • A filter lifetime indicator consisting of a light and an audible alarm alerts the user when the cartridge is due for replacement. • Water consumption and usage time are tracked with a built-in flow meter and electronic timer. • The ON/OFF valve at the front allows the filter unit to be opened and closed directly for greater operating convenience. • The stainless-steel flexible pipe can be rotated through 360° for greater reach when filling up glasses and bottles or when washing fruit and vegetables. It allows the drinking water supply to be used over a wider area without having to move the water filter.• A one-way nozzle prevents harmful contaminants and microorganisms from entering the filter unit from the outside. It ensures that water and air flow only from the inside out.

Installation • The Fountain 7S can be installed as a “countertop” or “wall mounted” unit.

Safety & Quality • The Fountain 7S is certified as safe for drinking water by NSF International and complies with NSF Standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of unpleasant tastes/odours, chlorine, turbidity, nominal particulate Class I and VOCs. NSF certification tests the safety of the unit to guarantee its structural integrity during operation under water pressure.

Filter• 7 stages of carefully selected filter media are combined in one single filter cartridge.

1. Pre-filter, 5 μm: The pre-filter is made from polyethylene and removes sediments and larger particles bigger than 5 μm. Thanks to its special structure it is extremely space saving, making it ideal for use in the “Fountain (AP-1720)” countertop units.

2. Activated carbon block, 0.5 μm: This filter medium is made from coconut shells and delivers outstanding filtration performance. The activated carbon reduces herbicides, pesticides and turbidity, adsorbs VOCs, TTHMs and 97.6 % of chlorine, and is able to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

3. Far infrared ray ceramic balls: Far infrared ray ceramic balls emit FI rays and release minerals into the drinking water, improving the taste and boosting the metabolism.

4. Negative ion ceramic balls: Negative ion ceramic balls add negative ions to the drinking water for a better, fresher taste. 5. Silver-impregnated granular carbon: Granular carbon powder improves the taste of the water by reducing chlorine, VOCs and TTHMs. Silver ions added to the carbon prevent the growth of filtered bacteria inside the filter.

6. Ultrafiltration (UFJ membrane, 0.01-0.1 μm): A microporous hollow fibre membrane works as an efficient filter to remove bacteria, some viruses and particles down to 0.01 microns

7. Silverlite stone: The Silverlite stone is made of CaO, SiO2, AIO3, MgO and MnO and is coated with silver ions. Silverlite has a strong antibacterial effect and prohibits germs from entering the filter media.

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