Peco PowerBrick 200 Package


PowerBrick 200 + InverterBrick 500 + Kettle Cord + Peco Connector

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System components included in the kit (Solar Kit add-on available)

PowerBrick 200
InverterBrick 500
Kettle Cord
Peco Connector

Peco PowerBrick Specifications

2000 Cycle Lithium Battery 
A built-in LiFePO4 battery that is guaranteed to provide a minimum of 2000 cycles. With daily use, this translates into 6 or 7 years of life before it needs replacing Li cells, after which the battery will be good for another 7 years. (The industry standard is 500 cycles).

Peco Power’s built-in patented mini-grid technology allows the systems to be expanded as requirements change.
1. The Mini-grid is scalable from 70w to 500W of continuous power (2500W of peak power) and
2. The battery storage is expandable from 150wh to 2500wh
By simply plugging together additional PowerBricks. (Industry standard: not expandable)

Fully plug-and-play
PowerBrick is designed for ease of use and affordability in low-cost homes. Even as the system is expanded, no technical or electrical expertise is needed for installation or maintenance (Industry standard: either plug-and-play or expandable but not both).

Built-In Safety
The built-in microgrid is stacked with safety features. System faults or overload failures immediately puts the PowerBrick into a temporary sleep mode. Once the faulty appliance is removed the PowerBrick will automatically “self-heal” and restart within 60 seconds.

Robust Enclosure & Fittings
The PowerBrick was designed and built with African conditions in mind. It has a mild steel powder-coated enclosure and uses fittings that were approved for use in the automotive industry. (Industry standard: plastic enclosures).

Dual Power Source-Ready
PowerBrick can be charged with a solar panel or directly from the grid.

Solar kit add-on available

160W Solar Kit add on (panel & solar cable)

View the Power Brick Specification Sheet


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