Neoperl Aerator Insert – Mikado Spray 1.9L/min – Designer Spray (Lime)


The Neoperl Mikado Aerator can save you an amazing 88% of water, cutting down dramatically on waste and expense in style. This Designer Spray tap accessory reduces water flow to as little as 1.3 litres a minute, while still giving you full comfort of use. Wash your hands or brush your teeth in a fully efficient, water-wise way with this water-saving aerator insert. The award-winning Mikado – Designer Spray is suitable for taps at home or in hotels. Order your water-saving aerator from WESTHouse today, to reduce your water and energy use by more than half. WH – Recommended for all Wash Hand Basin areas

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This Neoperl Mikado Spray Aerator reduces water flow to as little as 1.3 litres a minute, while still giving you full comfort of use.

Technical specifications

  • Water-saving aerator for basin taps
  • Reduces the flow of water to just 1.9L per minute
  • Designer flow pattern
  • Saves up to 90% of water flow
  • Suitable for homes, hotels and guest houses
  • Maintains full comfort of use and an appealing spray pattern
  • Limescale-resistant and rust-resistant
  • Helps to conserve water and reduce your household water and power bill
  • A water-wise essential for the green home
  • Winner: Red Dot Award 2016 (product design category)

Simply unscrew your current aerator, insert the inner part with your Mikado Aerator and screw it back on. You can start saving water immediately!

Additional information

Weight 0.0132 kg
Dimensions 2.1 × 2.1 × 1.7 cm

Why do you need an aerator

10 liters of water per minute

The usual aerator consumes that much water.

1.2 liters of water per minute

You will get such a low consumption after installing the Neoperl aerator.


How does it work?

This aerator has a needle stream. It reduces the water flow and spreads the stream pressure on single streamlets. Due to this the stream has a very high strength of rinsing, while you maintain full comfort of usage.

Ideal for bathroom faucet

Flow rate 1.2 l/min is ideally suited to the bathroom faucet. This flow rate allows comfortable washing of hands and teeth, and at the same time generates significant savings.

How much can I save?

Our clients claim, that after installation our water saving products in showers, kitchen and bathroom faucets, water consumption drops by 30% – 60%. For a 4 member family considering the average water prices, it is about

190 – 380 £ annually!

How is it possible? You pay less for cold water, its heating and sewage disposal. That is triple the savings on each liter of water!

Eco-friendly solution

By buying this ecological product you help to protect the environment. You support the conscious and economical management of natural resources. Installation of eco-friendly devices and prevention of wasting water is a good step towards nature protection.

You can choose from two thread types available:

Male thread – M24x1 (the most popular)

Fits 95% taps. The thread in this aerator is on the outside of the housing and is 24 mm in diameter.

Female thread – M22x1

The thread in this aerator is on the inside of the housing and is 22 mm in diameter

You are buying an original Neoperl product

Neoperl is a German company known for its quality. Neoperl products are manufactured in Europe and undergo rigorous quality tests. The company has existed since 1959.


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