IoT Water Meter – SPM (Smart Conventional/Prepaid Water Meter)


This is a fully integrated multi-functional mode Smart Prepaid Water Meter. This Multi-Function Mode Smart Pre-Payment Water Meter System, with wireless transmission of Meter Consumption Information via loT networks, LoRaWAN, and SigFox for consumption monitoring & reports viewed through the uSOFT utilities portal.


This is a fully integrated multi-functional mode Smart Prepaid Water Meter System with wireless transmission of meter consumption information.

Smart Prepaid Water Meter Features

  • Fully Integrated Multi-Function Mode Smart Water Meter
  • Remote Shut-On/off
  • Long Range Wireless communication via loT Networks. (Sigfox and LoRaWAN)
  • Radio Frequency: 868 MHz
  • AMR Drive-by/ Walk-by Capability
  • Automatic Detection & Notification of Tampers & Leaks
  • Data automatically export to the municipal billing system via the uSOFT utility portal
  • Managed through the utility portal via the uSOFT system
  • Battery-powered, field replaceable
  • Magnetic Anti-Tamper
  • Valve Incorporated in Meter Body
  • Dual State Valve (Open/ Close)

Smart Prepaid Water Meter Technical Specification

  • Easily accessible Inlet Filter
  • Built-in Shut-off Valve (PB & WMM Configurations)
  • 2.4″ Screen – Large font, user-friendly Graphical Interface
  • Battery life: 1O years 2
  • Accuracy: Multi-Jet Class Band Class C
  • Maximum admissible pressure: 1400 KPaLogger: IP68 enclosure, Probe: IP65)

Smart Prepaid Water Meter Operations

The IVM has various, settable operational modes, namely:

  • Smart Prepaid Mode
  • Smart Conventional Mode
  • Smart Water Dispenser

Other mode features:

  • Free Basic water settable daily or monthly (With accumulation option)
  • Tariff steps are determined on the meter in real-time (Not in STS Mode, available as a custom token)
  • Meter resets cost structure at the start of each month or day
  • The meter can go into debt (Depending on operational mode)
  • Lifeline water options
  • Volume only
  • Days only
  • Set volume per day for a number of days (most popular)

Installation Details

Various Mounting solutions are available for the IVM, with the meter in a horizontal position:

  • Above Ground Pillar Box, Compression Fittings (15mm, 20mm, 25mm)
  • Wall Mount Manifold (¾” BSP Connections, Compression Fitting, 20mm, Fusion Welded Pipe 22mm)
  • Straight Manifold (¾” BSP, 1″ BSP)

Vending Options

STS vending with multiple vendors across the country

Credit is added to the meter through a numeric Prepaid Credit token via the Customer interface unit (CIU)


uWALLET prepayment vending control

Prepayment credit is controlled via the customer’s wallet (via the online interface)

  • The client loads credit onto an electronic wallet for consumption to take place

(when wallets run out of credit the meters are virtually closed)


  • NRCS Approval number: SA1320 (SANS 1529-1 & SANS 1529-9)
  • IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61000-4-3
  • STS502: IEC 62055-41, IEC 62055-51 (CIU)

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