Gizzu 10W Solar Lighting Kit


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The Gizzu 10W Solar Lighting Kit has a compact design and provides a fully off-the-grid capable power solution, which can be used almost anywhere. It operates as a great lighting solution thanks to the 3 LED lamps, but it can also be used to charge your mobile devices when your power source is interrupted or non-existent.

Not only does it offer a multi-protection function which allows you to stay safe, but there is also a built-in protection that guards against overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit and PV polarity reverse connection. Its intuitive LED indicating function provides indicators for solar charging, battery power and load status.



3x 2W LED lamp
5V USB to charge mobile devices
Off-the-grid capability (100% solar charge)
Highly efficient polycrystalline silicon solar panels
Long battery life cycle


Charging Time: 5 Hours
Battery Capacity: 4Ah/12.8Vdc (51.2Wh)
Working Hours: 8hrs for 3x 2W LED Lamps
PV Module Type: Polycrystalline Silicon
PV Max Power: 10W
PV Voltage: 18V
Battery Charging Voltage: 14.3V
Battery Cycle Performance: 1000
LED Indicators: Solar charging, battery power and load status
Lamp Power: 2W
Protection Features: Overcharge Protection, Over-discharge Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Short circuit Protection, PV Polarity Reverse Connection Protection
Product Dimensions: 93 x 69 x 197 cm
Product Weight: 1600g


Gizzu Solar Panel Battery Unit x1
10W Solar Panel with 8M PV Cable x1
2W LED Lamp x3
LED Lamp Cables x3
5-in-1 USB Cable x1
User Manual x1


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